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WirelessNG is the first Internet Service Provider to launch unlimited internet service in Nigeria. We are committed to giving our esteemed customers an excellent internet experience.


Business Internet Plans: Start your business or scale up your bandwidth at more affordable prices. WirelessNG offers one of the most attractive cost savings to our business. We give your company need for critical communications with high-speed and a full-time connection to reach the next level of performance. Business plans are ideal for small and medium scale businesses or organizations that require high quality service with a small budget. The plans are affordable, reliable, safe and secure and are currently available in Lagos, Benin and Abuja.


Whatever the size of your business, WirelessNG Broadband boosts your business performance with uninterrupted and seamless connectivity. Enjoy best value, superior connectivity and high quality customer service. Our network is designed and built for businesses. This network is dedicated for business customers and hence gives our business customers the assurance of network quality. Let us offer On-the-shelves and customer tailored solutions with low-latency and high-throughput up to 50 Mbps. Different Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) models are available. Dedicated plans are currently available in Lagos, Benin, Abuja, Ogun state, Kano City and Port-Harcourt.


Your industry is all about providing a service to others - so being able to showcase products, communicate in real time with customers and being available around the clock is integral to your success. Being offline is not an option; that's why we take the time to understand your current infrastructure, your business model and challenges to develop an IT service that you can depend on.


Providing students with reliable connection to the internet is imperative to modern-day learning. We understand the needs of students better than anyone - which is why we've designed a range of internet packages that will suit any school's budget without any compromise.


The hotspot service for individuals provides a seamless quick authentication system amongst the most effective mainstream strategies by which people interact and share informaion, this is one of the simplest and most effective ways to advance your business and run your work from home and virtually all locations.


If you are planning an event, let WirelessNG provide you with a tailored broadband service. We offer long and short term solutions, wireless or wired, with detailed information on how the service can benefit you. With our extensive experience in offering Broadband for festivals, exhibitions and corporate events. If high speed internet is required at your event, contact us now.

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